Brand new 4/3 Directional Catridge Valve with outstanding power limits

Introducing the new SD2E-A4/H3 three-position screw-in cartridge directional control valve, which stands out due to unique features and superior hydraulic performance. At first glance, it is distinguished from other Argo-Hytos screw-in cartridge directional control valves by dual solenoids located in one control system. Currently, the Z11 and Y11 four-way spool valves are available for the most common applications. The valve can be installed in a standard 3/4-16 UNF (SAE 08) four-way chamber, ensuring valve interchangeability across the hydraulic market.

Compared to competitors, the new 4/3 solednoid operated, screw-in cartridge directional control valve is exceptional because of its extremely high hydraulic performance. The valve is capable of controlling the direction of fluid flow up to a flow rate of 30 l/min (7,9 GPM), which is almost double that of its competitors. The maximum pressures in channels 2, 3, 4 can reach up to 350 bar (5 080 PSI), and up to 250 bar (3 625 PSI) in channel 1, values which are not achieved by most competetive valves. The valve’s 10 million cycle life-time, tested on a proof-of-concept basis, confirms the valves’s suitability for the most demanding mobile applications