Hydraulic components

BIBUS  carries out the development, production and sale of hydraulic blocks and subplates of any complexity and modifications, as well as assembling of blocks with necessary hydraulic components.

Based on the huge experience of production and supply of hydraulic blocks and subplates for different types of industry not only in Ukraine but also abroad, BIBUS  can offer its customers a high quality product with high reliability, and affordability.

Blocks and subplates can be designed and equipped with the necessary hydraulic components, depending on the customer's requirements on the basis of technical specifications, developed jointly with our specialists and pre-agreed with the client.

According to the customer's choice our hydraulic blocks and subplates can be produced both in Belarus and in the EU.

Hydraulic components for our blocks and subplates we buy only in the EU, directly from the manufacturer, which gives us the right to speak about their acceptable price and excellent quality.

Main specifications of our blocks:

  • working pressure up to 420 bar
  • maximum flow rate up to 800 l/min
  • manufacturing material: aluminum, structural steel, stainless steel
  • oxidation of chrome or blocks - on request

To send an order or to receive advice about the selection and purchase of hydraulic blocks and subplates please contact our specialists.