This type of pump perfectly suits when it is necessary to provide water supply, arrange irrigation, sewerage or tapping from (or to) its production or station, as well as a piece of land or a fountain. These pumps are installed below the water level, in mines, wells and tanks.

Applications of pumps:

  • Pumping water out of drains and catchments.
  • Pumping of dirty water from basements and drainage systems.
  • Urban water supply.
  • Agriculture and irrigation (including on high slopes).
  • Tunnel and caisson type of drainage wells.
  • For the circulation of water in pools and ponds with fish, for waterfalls, fountains and watering the garden.
  • Collection of wastewater from livestock waste.
  • Use in water reuse stations.
  • For use in food production.
  • Waterfalls and fountains.
  • Enterprises of light industry, factories and households.
  • To add oxygen to ponds with fish.

Advantages of submersible pumps for water: compact dimensions, relatively easy installation and transportation, and low noise.

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