The Bibus Belarus company sells vacuum suction cups manufactured by the well-known company Piab in the market, based in Sweden. These products are manufactured to European and international standards, are of high quality, reliability and performance.


Applications for Piab suction cups

Vacuum suction cups can be used in virtually any modern conveyor type production, the main areas of application are:


  • Suction cups for greasy sheet metal (2-4 times more successfully resist sheet shear);
  • Suction cups for dry metal sheets (more tight contact, due to the presence of spikes and increased wear resistance due to the reinforced lip);
  • Suction cups for heavy bags and light packaging (can work with packaging filled with delicate cargo);
  • Suction cups for working with thin paper, film, opening packages (maintain reliable contact with slippery materials);
  • Suckers for paper and cardboard (adapted to work with porous and uneven surface of the material);
  • Suckers for working with food products (comply with FDA standards);
  • Conveyor suction cups for glass (flat and concave sheets);
  • Suction cups for semiconductor products (short bellows for lifting products of various shapes and sizes);
  • Plastic suction cups for operation at low and high temperatures (increased wear resistance and oil resistance without traces on the products);
  • Conveyor beltless suction cups;
  • Suction cups for working with hot plastic (can remove injection molded plastic products).

How to order and buy vacuum suction cups


Get more detailed information about the listed devices you will be helped by competent consultants and managers of the Bibus Belarus company. They will answer your questions, talk about the parameters and characteristics, help you choose vacuum suction cups that fully meet the tasks of your production, accept the application and control the shipment.


Our company works throughout Belarus, implementing certified European equipment TM Piab. As a manufacturer’s partner, we offer only original equipment and always take care of the availability of vacuum fittings and components used in vacuum conveyors. We are waiting for your calls and emails - we will be happy to become reliable suppliers and responsible partners for your business, please contact!