Pneumatics is a division of physics and technology related to the use of compressed gas energy in mechanisms. Today pneumatics plays an important role in production and mechatronics.

Pneumatic valves control the flow of energy from compressed gas (air). A device that converts the energy of compressed gas into motion is called a pneumatic drive.

Pneumatic drives are often powered by electric compressors and are capable of producing linear or rotary motion. In production, pneumatic technologies can be used on the assembly line for moving, processing and packaging products.

Similarities and differences from hydraulic systems

Pneumatic systems are similar to hydraulic systems, but, unlike the latter, gas pressure is used instead of liquid. Pneumatic systems are easier to manage than hydraulic ones. At the same time, hydraulic systems are capable of creating much greater pressure than pneumatic ones. In general, pneumatic systems are more stable than hydraulic systems. Pneumatic drive is simplicity and economy.

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