Hydraulic cylinders are used in construction, agricultural machinery, loading mechanisms and other technical devices.
The main task is the lifting of a separate element of the mechanism by reciprocating motion. The working force is performed by the pressure of the working fluid.

Varieties of hydraulic cylinders

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder is the simplest version. In this model, the stem extends due to the pressure of the working fluid in the piston cavity. Reverse movement in the starting position is carried out by a return spring.
Double acting hydraulic cylinders. They do not contain springs for resetting to their original position. The principle of operation here is the alternating pressure of the working fluid in the rod or in the piston cavity.
Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are a set of several cylinders inserted into each other. The body of one cylinder in this construction will be a stock of the following. Used wherever a large stem extension is required.

The determining factors in choosing for you will be:

  • Working fluid pressure
  • Inside diameter of stem
  • Piston stroke

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