One of the activities of Piab is the production of vacuum grippers of different load capacities, suitable for both manual transportation of small loads and industrial transportation of bulky and heavy loads in enterprises. This equipment is universal, and its modifications are actively used in the woodworking and food industries, in other economic and technical tasks.

The range includes devices of various sizes and shapes. They can be equipped with an integrated vacuum generator or work with equipment installed at your enterprise, whether it be a vortex blower or a powerful pump that generates a vacuum with the desired parameters.

Vacuum gripper models equipped with a mobile ejector type generator can be modified. The number of ejectors easily increases according to the specific requirements of the client. Such a technology has proven itself in practice, reducing maintenance costs, and being the simplest. The rubberized part of the grip can be made of special materials, the use of which is approved by the FDA for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Scopes of vacuum captures


Traditional applications capture this:

  • Auto-laying of parts and panels made of metal (stamping);
  • Unpacking of various types of sheet material;
  • Transfer of glasses, solar panels;
  • Separation of injection products from molds;
  • Marking or registration;
  • Installation of body elements.


Also, vacuum holders are used for the operation of packaging, filling equipment, assembly.

How to order or buy Piabiab vacuum grippers

If you still have questions or wish to place an order, you can do this by calling our managers and receiving comprehensive answers on Piab's vacuum grippers.