Hydraulic accumulators Freudenberg  (Integral), Germany

Hydraulic accumulator is a vessel for storage and return of energy of the working fluid that is under pressure.

Hydraulic accumulators structurally divided into three main types:

  • piston accumulators;
  • bladder accumulators;
  • membrane accumulators.

Company Bibus  offers from a warehouse in Belarus and also under the order, hydraulic accumulators and accumulator systems (units) which are different in design and appointment, for the following tasks:

  • Accumulation of hydraulic power and maintaining a fixed pressure;
  • Power to the system in abnormal and emergency situations, ensuring emergency management;
  • The accumulation of a working liquid reserves to compensate for leaks;
  • Pulsation damping piston pumps;
  • To avoid pulsations in piping lines;
  • Damping of hydraulic shocks, mechanical vibrations and pulses;
  • amortization of suspension of mobile vehicles and so on...