A coupling in the general sense of the word is a device providing the connection of shafts, pipes, cables, and the like.
In industry, the shaft couplings of the machine serve to transfer the moment of rotation from the drive shaft to the driven shaft.

In addition to the connection function, a safety function is also possible. The safety clutch simultaneously provides both a reliable connection, and limits the transmitted torque (torque limiters), protects the mechanism from breakages during high loads (sudden changes in the speed of rotation).

Safety couplings are characterized by:

• Rapid shutdown for 2-4 ms.
• Precisely adjustable torque cut-off
• Timely signal in case of overload
• Torque transfer without play

The couplings offered by us are easy to use. We offer customized solutions for your ideas.

The purchase of the shaft coupler allows:
Increase productivity and economy;
Due to the low weight of the product, increase the speed of the machine and reduce the cost of electricity;
Optimum use of the equipment's capabilities - the machines will be guaranteed to be protected from peak loads;
Increase the service life of the equipment and optimize its depreciation.

The use of couplings makes it possible to compensate for the lack of alignment (bellows couplings, couplings with elastomers), serve to lengthen the shaft.