piGRIP modular suction cups

  • Thousands of suction cups ready to improve your machine
  • A unique modular suction cup concept with individually optimized parts for gripping, lifting and height compensation
  • A large selection of fittings makes piGRIP™ cups ready to fit new machines and easy to retrofit existing cups
  • One support per size works as a gateway for all bellows and lips (flat cups)
  • Firm and stable 1- and 3- folded bellows allows for faster machine speeds. Thin-wall design makes them faster to compress using less force and energy. The strength of the material increases lifting capacity between 30-50% compared to similar conventional cups
  • A low micron filter disc inside the bellows traps dust and particles increasing system reliability
  • Get an excellent grip on almost anything with the right lip for your application. Choose standard lips from 60° shore to extremely flexible, soft lips in 30° shore. Even foam lips for objects which are difficult to grip with traditional cups

Piab piGRIP™ Flat cups (25–77mm)
Suitable for  flat or slightly curved surfaces and when the lifting force is parallel to the object. Available in 4 different sizes and with 5 different  lips to choose from for each size. Flat cups have good stability with inner cleats providing a good support.

Piab piGRIP™ Bellows cups (25–77mm)
Bellows cups can handle objects with height differences and varying shapes. The internal level compensation is also useful to reduce the accuracy needed of the handling robot/machine. Available in 4 different sizes and with 5 different lips to choose from for each size.

Piab piGRIP™ Multi bellows cups (25–77mm)
The multi bellows design offers extended level compensation and greater possibility to handle objects with height differences. The design also provides a light lifting movement to facilitate the separation of thin items.

  • Piab pigrip modular suction cup (image 840x580px)