Magnum made to measure: ACE industrial shock absorbers in automation

ACE has further developed the six industrial shock absorber product families of the high-quality MAGNUM series into customer-specific solutions in many applications over the past years. In response to the requirements in automation and for the widest possible range of applications, the Langenfeld-based company relies on the combination of the company's own modular system with engineering know-how built up over six decades and powerful simulation software. Pre-calculated specifications such as stroke shortening, bore and oil return optimization have enabled applications with impact speeds of 30 m/s and energy absorptions increased by up to 250 percent compared to standard dampers. Thanks to energy absorptions per stroke of 170 Nm to 6,780 Nm and permissible impact velocities of 0.02 to 5 m/s, the series products in the thread sizes M33x1.5 to M64x2 are already regarded as the reference class for industrial shock absorbers in the medium sizes.

ACE's modular system includes industrial shock absorbers for a wide range of individual applications. For applications under extreme conditions, ACE offers different oils and seals, thanks to which the dampers can be designed for 150 °C in the upper range and -50 °C in the lower range. Clean room compatible damper variants are used in the food industry thanks to an oil with NSFH1 approval. MAGNUM stainless steel variants are used in aggressive environments or areas where appearance counts. Special accessories, such as bolt preloads, round off the expansion of possible applications by allowing impacts up to an angle of 25 degrees with the same service life. Special PU heads provide additional sound insulation.

Designers also benefit from the advantages mentioned for small and safety shock absorbers. Thanks to the unique modular system in combination with engineering know-how and simulation software, ACE can ensure the highest possible degree of individuality in automation with every design and transforms high-quality standard industrial shock absorbers into customized solutions upon customer request

ACE MAGNUM Stoßdämpfer SchnittbildACE MAGNUM Industriestoßdämpfer und ihr komplexes Innenleben

ACE Industriestoßdämpfer

Self-adjusting MAGNUM dampers of the product family MC33V4A-MC64V4A made of stainless steel from ACE are available in thread sizes M33x1.5 to M64x2 with damping strokes up to 100 mm and are mainly used in the food, medical, electrical and offshore industries.

Darstellung des Verlaufs des optimierten Drucks auf das Führungslager des gewünschten ACE Stoßdämpfers mit Durchmesser M64

Representation of the course of the optimized pressure on the guide bearing of the desired ACE shock absorber with diameter M64.