Sauer-Danfoss Steering Priority Valve

Steering comes first with priority valves, for maximum safety on the road and on the job

A Sauer-Danfoss priority valve will always give your steering system precedence. That makes it an important safety feature on load-sensing hydraulic systems where oil flow to the steering system and work hydraulics is supplied by just one pump.


  • OLSP for flange mounting on gear pumps
  • Flow: 40 and 80L/m


  • OLSA for flange mounting on steering units
  • Flow: 40 and 80L/m

OLS 80

  • OLS for in-line installation between the pump and steering unit
  • Flow 25, 40, 80, 120, 160l/m

OLS 320

  • OLS 320 for in-line installation or flange mounting for EHPS
  • Flow 320l/m

Features & Benefits

  • Low pressure drop for high fuel efficiency, low noise and stable operation.
  • Available in static and dynamic versions. Dynamic flow gives a quick reaction time with no hard spot when initiating steering.
  • Optional pilot pressure relief valve for OLS 160 and OLS 320.
  • ols80 840x580
  • ols120 840x580
  • ols320 840x580
  • olsa80 840x580
  • olsp80 840x580