Moog slip-in DIN cartridge valves

Moog offers a complete product line ranging from size 16 to 160. Sizes 16 to 100 are per DIN standard 24342.
In addition to standard cartridge valves, Moog also offers a complete line of high flow, active, and servo cartridge valves for specialised and higher performance fluid power systems.

Application Experience

Metal Forming and Presses Applications

Active Cartridge Valves

Active Cartridge Valves contain an additional control area that provides more robust control of switching pressure for high-speed machines where low system pressure can delay closing times. These valves can offer improvements in closing and opening times, and closing under load and can be used in place of hydraulically or solenoid pilot operated check or direction control.

Cartridge Covers

Cartridge Covers are used in conjunction with cartridge valves to create a complete assembly. This combination offers different options to the designer to create flow, check, pressure, and directional control functions. Through proper selection of cartridge and cover combinations, multiple functions through one flow path can be achieved. Moog offers a variety of cover designs and size ranges from NG 16 - NG 100 as well as covers that offer combination functions such as check valves and shuttle valves.

High Flow Cartridge Valves

High Flow Cartridge Valves have 40% to 50% more flow with the same size of the DIN 24342 cartridge, relative to standard cartridge valve. In many applications, the cartridge can be reduced one size yet it is fully interchangeable with DIN 24342 cavity so no manifold redesign required.

Standard Cartridge Valves

Cartridge Valves, also known as slip-In logic elements, are used for directional, pressure, check, and flow control. Cartridge Valves mounted in a manifold block provide a compact, integrated circuit for simplified machine design and reduced system costs. The cartridge is designed to fit into a cavity defi-ned by DIN 24342 and is held in place by a cover.

  • moog slip in cartridge valve 840x580