Piab P5010

P5010 is a MIDI COAX® based vacuum pump model. It has been developed to fit in the sa-me “family” as the P3010, with the patented compact and modular housing/connection modu-les. At the heart of the P5010 is a newly developed COAX® vacuum cartridge based on the push-in principle. The energy efficient P5010 is designed mainly for automated vacuum handling applications with robots or dedicated machines (for example packaging machines). P5010 has been developed for requirements found in industries such as the plastic, automo-tive, consumer goods, graphic and glass industries. The vacuum pump is easy to configure in order to optimize performance and functionality and is available with one or two MIDI CO-AX® push-in cartridges. It is also optional to choose 2-stage or 3-stage push-in cartridges. The cartridges are available in three different push-in characteristics, Si, Pi and Xi.

  • p5010 840x580